Wow, that was such a powerful transmission!


Thank you for pouring out the purest nectar, the most unstoppable flow of wisdom magic.  I will glue myself to the media when it is released, there were so many gems packed into it!


I can't wait to see the gorgeous new website and adore the new domain name <3 - your purest reverence to Venerable Wangdor Rimpoche and your forever homage to him in everything you are and do is so touching.  Thank you for showing me, since the beginning, the extent to which devotion is possible between beings.  A life of unstoppable devotion is just so far from what I grew up with, of course, and yet you have made my transition into this wonder realm reality absolutely seamless, all the way!  I am home, with you, now, finally <3


It was powerful for me to consider whether I had completed and practiced all Four Doors and supportive to hear that they are all indivisible AND that they must be diligently practiced and in order.  Confirmation in me about my own abilities and accomplishments comes in the form of the heart boom and resonance in reading every word of every latest text, especially the 1-12 Fourth Door text which we have been receiving over this past month.  I simplified in my mind the Fourth Door as being all about action - enlightenment of the collective immediately! - so it was great to hear your commentary expanding that.  I adore always to hear you go into the magnetising power of Kurukulle, and also to hear the link with Green Tara, and that that is what we take out into the world - yes! Yes!! Yes!!!


Your glorious description of our true identity and body as open intelligence and love was like listening to the most fluent written text, so potent and immediate, I was absolutely in awe!  And once again you spoke completely to my experience of these Four Door transmissions, that they have shown me what I, as open intelligence and love truly am, on a whole new level.  I bow to you, to the lineage and to the teachings for systematically achieving wisdom, miracles and magic in all the lives of those who are open enough and lucky enough to receive them.


I am bounding about with joy inside to have been with you for this absolutely dazzling transmission so power-packed full of wisdom gems, Beloved!  Thank you also for speaking so directly to my current writing project; for that this was the absolute jackpot support that I needed, the dream transmission.


In complete reverence and greatest gratitude to you always, glorious Rinpoche!

Blessed Rinpoche, 


So wonderful to see you this beautiful evening, together with the worldwide visible and, I am certain, the dimensionless vastness-wide non-visible community of precious practitioners. 


Your transmissions and teachings today in your talk were so upholding and encouraging in practice. There were so many things you said which I found supportive, some of which I am unable now to recall.
It was confirming and encouraging in some way to hear you say that Guru Yoga, Deity Yoga and Dakini Yoga really challenge the adopted popular view of unworthiness / looking down on oneself. I have certainly found this to be true in my best endeavours to practice these profound teachings - these practices behest of me to cease insisting on my habitual pre-emptive self contempt and I have found this very interesting and revealing for my life in general. 


I am also unsure if I have understood the fourth door practice correctly. What I have done is practice mantra with Lineage masters on the crown of my head with gratitude, honouring them and supplicating to them. And reviewing the most recent teachings. 


It was very interesting to hear about the new website. It is so beautiful that it will be called Open Intelligence and Love in honour of Venerable Wangdor Rinpoche. I am excited to see it and thank you deeply for this and countless other ways you so powerfully serve the ultimate needs of all beings. 

What a beautiful Transmission so full of your care and love. It was so wonderful to hear about the Fourth Door and Dakini practice, as well as original sin and karma, and how we have been so indoctrinated by this our whole lives. There was no escaping it until now! 


Thank you Beloved for giving us the ultimate gift of knowing our innate radiant shine, always opening and expanding, spontaneous great bliss seeing emptiness, open intelligence and love!


Dakinis infuse us as the enlightened energy of open intelligence and love, opening up the vast expanse as I rest within the dakini practice. My commitment to practice and devotion enhances my intimate knowing of my true essence. I enjoy reciting the mantras, the Kurukulle mantra and the Guru Lineage mantra in English. They bring great ease and opening as I recite them.


I am not clear in how to answer some of the questions about the Four Doors. I see everything you are teaching us as who we are as the Spontaneous Great Bliss Seeing Emptiness, and am filled with deep gratitude and appreciation more and more as I deepen in this practice. I am open to the great beauty and spaciousness all around and recognize that as who I am.  It is easier and easier for me to let things be as they are and not get into descriptions or needing to comment on things not going as expected. It is great bliss to be able to relax in the simplicity and beauty of the moment, knowing that there is no destination to get to and enjoy the freedom and beauty present. 


I am completely devoted to you and appreciate all you have given me, evoking my innate knowing, leaving behind all I had learned prior to meeting you and this teaching, nurturing and guiding me through our wisdom lineage teachings all spontaneously present right now. 


I love you!

Beloved Guru Rinpoche,


thank you for this evening's very powerful Transmission.


Thank you for making the light of the Guru Lineage shine brighter and brighter as the inseparable light of all data.


It is the greatest good fortune to have been granted access to such sublime key points and pith instructions. I implement these sacred practices to the best of my capacities and the results are simply breathtaking.


The golden shine of love/intelligence /guru lineage radiance is blazing brighter and brighter thanks to You Beloved Rinpoche. 


Thank you beyond words for such a special life!